Camera Store


To buy these cameras, Tell me what size you want, I have:

-8x10 ($25.00)

-5x7 ($15.00)

You have two options when ordering Cameras:


     *You can tell me what style you like based on a style above, I will make it for you.

    *You can contact me and request a size. After I interview you, I will select the design that Is most fitting.  

       to buy art, email me:                    

Why Cameras?

The thought behind the camera as art is exhausting to me, I will try to sum it up as best as I can. Below are the most shallow reasons. The other reason, which I wont go into detail about, is like a feeling of always being watched. whether it be by a camera, or a non-camera-like-being.

Supermodels- when you walk in a room you should see the camera and strike a pose. You should have plenty throughout the home, and over many if not all walls in a room. Carry It into your normal life, just pretend like there are always cameras focusing in on you so you must always look perfect.

Party time- When you have company over you should allow them a nice background for photo shots. When you have memorable art at your home, your parties are remembered, your home is remembered and you are remembered. Each camera is different, A large group of friends would know where a photo was taken just by what camera is in the background. It would be very special to them.

I need to buy several dozen now! How can I go about doing that?


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